The cheapest and simplest URL shortener

Generate and track your links with a Toad. Toad has a full-featured API and detail analytics at the lowest cost.

A better way to shorten URLs.

Easy short URL creation
Toad provides a simple and user-friendly dashboard that allows you to create, update and delete short URLs instantly for free.
Link analytics
Track your links through detailed usage analytics. Learn about where and when someone clicked your links.
Full-featured API
Utilize the API to create, retrieve and analyze unique links from your own application.

The Toad API

Full-featured API with more abilities coming soon!

  • Get a link
  • List links
  • Create links
  • Update a link
  • Delete a link
// Get a Link
await axios.get('', {
  headers: {
    'api-key': '<api-key>'

// Response
  "id": "835f37b7-3eb5-4028-a464-80a0ebad43be",
  "url": "",
  "slug": "a3fsc3",
  "long_url": "",
  "inserted_at": "2021-01-10T19:31:48.254Z",
  "updated_at": "2021-01-10T19:31:48.254Z",


The right price for you, whoever you are



Light plan for when you're getting started

  • 25 Toad links

  • Unlimited visits per link

  • Link analytics



Larger plan with a API access

  • Everything in "Free"

  • 500 Toad links

  • API Access

  • 1 custom domain

  • Zapier Integration



Full-featured plan for your profession needs

  • Everything in "Starter"

  • 5,000 Toad links

  • 5 custom domains

  • Priority support



Unlimted plan to help you scale

  • Everything in "Scale"

  • 25,000 Toad links

  • 20 custom domains

  • Team management support

Need more?

We can support larger enterprise plans that need to scale past the Team plan. Please reach out!